The Search Continues

My method which I call cosmic (±) geometry has led to many interesting finds.

The new addition to the list is the green triangle which is facinating on its own. It has taken me a while to fully understand the mind bending (±) mechanism to its roots, and that has led to a major update of my visualisation tool, the geometry machine.

The Method

Every triangle has two values for y, as shown in the 345 example below.

The mechanics of the green triangle is very sophisticated, first off its relationship with the blue triangle is a special case of the difference of squares equation.

The green and yellow triangles have a strange relationship with another triangle, with our example connected to harmonics and the pythagorean epogdoon.

I am not a mathematician, i am an engineer with a passion for geometry and i use colours to utilise both sides of my little brain.

The Searching

Exploring the possible link between phi and the number nine.

The dimensions of a regular pentagon and phi progression.

Squaring the pentagon height and mapping phi lengths to a (10×10) grid.

Getting to the root of phi and four linked angles detailed using cosmic (±) geometry.

Detailing the square and nested squares using the magical 345 triangle.

Detailing the linked triangles within the geometry of the square.

All numbers (yes, even pi) can be expressed as an angle.